Listed below are things we have to share with one another, including used gear for new riders, books and videos, and advice and experience.

Note: This page will likely be a continuous work in progress. If a link is dead at this time, it may not be in the future as information from our large crew is coallated and collected

Advice & Experience Library:

Gear Library:
(The gear library is currently stored with CJP & Juno, unless otherwise noted).
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
    • Tourmaster Scarab (insulated). Mens L.
    • Tourmaster water proof. Mens L.
  • Jackets
    • Fieldsheer textile. Womens. M.
    • Fieldsheer textile. Mens. M. (contact Thom)
  • Pants
    • X-Element leather pants, 44
  • Luggage
    • Rapid Transit tall tank bag
    • Nelson Rigg textile panniers

Media Library:
  • Books
    • Technical
      • Haynes: Triumph Carbureted Triples and Fours, '91-'04 (Contact CJP)
      • Haynes: 2006-2010 Haynes Triumph Daytona & StreetTriple Repair Manual (Contact Juno)
      • Haynes: Triumph 1050 Service and Repair Manual (Sprint/Tiger/Speed Triple '05-'09)
      • Suzuki GS500 shop manual (contact Juno)
      • Guzziology (Thom)
      • '09 Buell XB service manual (Thom)
      • Motorcycle Owners Manual (covers component identification, general maintenance, and troubleshooting) (Thom)
      • The Complete Motorcycle Book (general topics from types of bikes, riding technique, maintenance, etc) (Thom)

    • Technique
      • Lee Park's Total Control (Contact Thom)
      • Keith Cole's Twist of the Wrist I & II (Contact Lucretia / Swante)
      • More Proficient Motorcycling (Thom)

    • Adventure / Travel Planning / Mapping
      • Destination Highways, Washington ( CJP, or Thom)
      • Desination Highways, British Columbia (Thom)
      • Destination Higways, NorCal (Thom)
      • WA Benchmark Map (Thom)
      • Motorcycle Journeys Through the P.N.W. (Thom)
      • Touring Guide to Colorado's Scenic and Historic Byways (thom)
      • AMA Ride Guide to America, v1 & 2

    • General
      • Jupiter's Travels, Four Years Around the World on a Triumph (Thom)
      • Two Wheels Through Terror, Diary of a South American Motorcycle Odyssey (Thom)
      • One More Day Everywhere, Crossing 50 Borders on the Road to Global Understanding (Thom)
      • One Man Caravan (Journal of Robert Fulton Jr's solo ride around the world in 1932-33) (Thom)
      • The Perfect Vehicle (Excellent look at motorcycling by a woman author) (Thom)
      • Peter Egan Leanings 1&2 (Collections of his moto humor columns) (Thom)

  • PDF
  • Multimedia
    • On Any Sunday
    • Faster
    • Fastest
    • Riding Solo to the Top of the World (contact CJP for all the above DVDs
    • Various moto races/documentaries in digital format (CJP)

Tool Library:
  • Moto Lift / Jack (Thom)
  • Loading ramps, ratchet straps, Thom's Truck, and Thom's Rescue Service! (Thom)
  • Blind bearing puller (Thom)
  • Crash Industries Garage: We've got a pretty wide selection of tools at the shop, several of most handtools, drivers, a beefy air compressor and lots of impact tools and such, jacks, some rearstands, mercury carb balancer, compression/vacuum testers, boroscope, common lubes, soldering station and wire, etc etc.(craSH / Divide)

Spares Library:
  • Screw-in stalk mirrors (chrome)(CJP)
  • Rubber tank knee pads (CJP)
  • Screw-in stalk mirrors (black)(juno)