Our motivations as a group are as varied as the individuals you may find among us. Some common threads you may find are:
  • Two wheeled fun.
  • Camaraderie of interacting with solid people you can trust.
  • The satisfaction of learning something new;
  • And pushing one's self to be good at it, while not being an idiot.
  • Getting people interested in, comfortable on, and up and running, on a bike.
  • Exploring the landscape we inhabit, visiting new and out of the way places.
  • Planning fun riding routes to maximize shit-eating-grins, inside-helmet hollering.
  • The enjoyment of the journey.
  • An alternative and visceral means of exploring the world.
  • Having fun learning how to maintain and modify our bikes to suit our needs and whims.

During the drier months, we try and do at least one good all day ride per month, along with frequent shorter morning/afternoon trips out from town and back in an hour or two. Additionaly many of us endeavor to plan a handful of overnight trips each year, generally taking the time to wander further afield in search of remote countryside, new roads, and camping adventures in energizing locations. Some of us ride in the winter, some of us wrench in the winter.

We were all new riders once, and we try to share our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm with other new or prospective riders, and help them get up to speed when we can. To that end we generally arrange for active members to donate when they are able, and pool the resources into the ZKMC New Rider Scholarship Fund, to help defray from the costs of MSF classes, motorcycle and safety gear acquisition.

We also encourage exploration and creative route planning with participation games such as ZKMC Tag and ZKMC Bingo.

While the indelible imprint of vivid memories are the most visceral record of our adventures, many of us enjoy the exercise in creativity of comitting our exploits to posterity through photography and videography.

Some recently added films:
ZKMC 2011 Finale

ZKMC 2011 Season Opener