Unlike many motorcycle groups, ZKMC does not have much in the way of official rules for membership. It is a shared state of mind and an outlook on life. We do not care what country your bike was made in, whether it is stock or custom, what year it was made, or if you're a woman. We do not exclude based on race or gender. Do you have a bike? Do you like to ride it? Are you an adeventurous goofball with no need for rules, regulations, and uptight factional bullshit? Think ZKMC.

We are not just a social club, a riding club, nor are we an "outlaw" club, or territorial club, except that of head-space. We are geeks, prophets, roustabouts, inventors, wizards, artists, clowns and ninjas.

Some people feel they can tell something about you by what you ride. Well, currently some members of the ZK Motorcycle Collective are riding:

  • '03 Triumph Thunderbird Sport
  • Aprilia Dorsoduro
  • '10 Speed Triple SE
  • '06 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom
  • Various years and trim of Suzuki SV650
  • '08 Triumph Street Triple
  • '11 Triumph Speed Triple
  • Kawasaki ZX-14
  • Kawasaki Z-1000
  • BMW GS 1200
  • '00 Triumph Thunderbird Sport
  • '09 Street Triple R
  • Triumph Daytona
  • Honda Hawk
  • multiple years of Suzuki VStrom
  • Triumph Bonneville SE

  • If you would like to go for a ride with us, or otherwise meet up and chat out about bikes and things, give us a shout at vroom@zerothousand.net

    0%: ZKMC does not position itself on either side of the fence of the 99%/1% statement that (apocraphaly) followed Hollister. We are a different animal all together. As ZK is an expression of our culture and ideals, ZKMC is how we live that lifestyle with regard to our motorcycles. You can't join it with an oath, or by buying a patch. It just happens.