The majority of Team ZKMC live in or around the Seattle metropolitan area, and as such most of our rides start at a coffee shop or gas station somewhere in the city. We reguarly ride all over Washington State, with some more ambitious rides taking us farther out into the Pacific North West and beyond. We have some small satelite contingents in Oregon and British Columbia as well, so you never know where you might run into a wandering Zikmik.

If you are hungry for some interesting places to ride, a decent resource to start with is our own googlemap: ZKMC: Favorite Roads of the PNW.

If you would like to meet up, or be notified of our rides and events, contact us at

You can also find us on Twitter, though we mostly only update when we're out on a larger ride, to keep friends and family informed of our well being. ZKMC Twitter Feed . If you search for ZKMC on facebook, you'll find some social banter happening in a group there as well.

One place you can find us every year around early August is somewhere between Seattle and Colville WA. We make an annual multiday camping and riding pilgrimage to this small town to enjoy some of the beautiful roads of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, and have an amazing feast courtesy of our wonderful and talented friends at Lovitt.