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Jenna's Motorcycle Tips for Girls That Oddly Also Apply to Sex
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  1. If your hair is long it is going to get destroyed. You probably won.t care in the moment, but bind it up smartly beforehand and bring a little something for hair repair afterwards.
  2. Ditto makeup. Keep it simple and don.t forget the moisturizer. Now I.m all for looking good while adventuring, however if you.re overly concerned about how your hair and makeup look while you spend most of your day stuffed in a helmet at high velocity you may want take a moment and reflect on your priorities.
  3. Poor choice about protective gear is at worst the difference between life and death and at best makes you a candidate for some serious flak from your friends and an awkward conversation down at the emergency clinic. Remember, there.s nothing hotter than a girl in abrasion-resistant pants.
  4. If your judgment is impaired by intoxicants, emotions or circumstance, don.t do it. The consequences are dire (see #3, above).
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  6. Share. Whether it.s a neat-looking road or an extra packet of hot cocoa to sip when you finally get to the hot springs, if there.s something that you.re into odds are your companion(s) will like it too.
  7. Balance your self. This goes for so, so many things: keep your weight centered, use your core strength, don.t lean on your hands; pack your stuff for even distribution, and don.t forget to check your head. I find a lot of ideas from yoga contribute to a stellar experience (on a motorcycle, of course :P).
  8. Pack light. Nothing ruins a shared encounter like unnecessary baggage.
  9. Lube: it.s not just for chain maintenance any more. A once-over on your equipment before and after a long ride will help keep you in tip-top form, and not too worn out for next time.
  10. Have fun! This one may seem obvious, but there.s more to it: if a rider isn.t having fun they.re more likely to find themselves in situations that hurt or scare them. Check in with your companion(s), listen, and communicate your needs, desires, and joys. Merriment is contagious and all the more satisfying when the respect is mutual.